Appeal to Biochar friends!
We welcome your participation to JBA, Japan Biochar Association. JBA was established on 4th of April in 2009 responding to the requirement at the second IBI conference which was held in London ,Sep. 2008.

In Asian countries we have been utilizing rice husk or wood charcoal for soil amendment traditionally since historical days. In Japan we started scientific researches on the utilization of charcoal & its byproducts in agriculture and forestry in 1980s, charcoal was recognized as soil improvement material formally by Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery in 1986. Since then many researchers & applicators have been engaging in its study & practice, accumulating knowledge for around 30 years.

We willingly provide our information, knowledge, technology and social science concerning biochar not only in agriculture, forestry and fishery but also in carbonizing technology, architecture and solution for environmental problems.
We also hope to contribute for the reduction of carbon dioxide and pollutants in atmosphere with utilizing charcoal not only for plant growth but also carbon sequestration into soil and water in order to evade global warming =earth’s crisis and rescue our human life. We believe it is a good chance to do our duty for future by joining the activity led by IBI.