JBA will be working along 3 objectives.

1 Re-evaluating the technologies of south-eastern Asian agricultural performances including Japan and contributing for greater production of crops, environmental conservation and rehabilitation with Biochar.

2 Developing Biochar application technologies to construction etc. and making greater incentives for global warming alleviation with Biochar in longer terms.

3 Extending Asian unique technologies on Biochar to all over the world and preparing against food, energy and environmental crisis.

Above 3 objectives result in following 5 actions to be worked out by JBA.

Action1; Creation of standard and criteria on Biochar
1-1 Clarifying Biochar & Wood Vinegar from different sources and methods.
1-2 Creating criteria and standards upon methods of utilization.

Action2; LC-CO2 analysis
2-1 Life cycle CO2 analysis on Biochar
2-2 Proper assessment as carbon sink

Action3; Countermeasure of Post Kyoto protocol
3-1 Contribution to global warming alleviation
3-2 Clarification of sustainable contribution with Biochar

Actoin4; International contribution
4-1 Reflecting Japanese valuable knowledge to international discussion.
4-2 Creating international network mainly in Asia and Pacific countries.

Action5; Establishment of certification system
-Establishing proper certification system of Bichar production, usage, credit, etc.