4 April 2009
JBA first general meeting for set up
see photos on the right

11-12 June 2009
The 7th annual meeting of Wood carbonization research society
at Kyoto (Dr.OGAWA's speech on biochar in Japan and the world)

14-16 October 2009
Japan-Taiwan joint seminar on Biochar in Asia
at The industrial technology research institute, Taiwan

23 October 2009
7nd National Symposium on Pyrolysis from biomass
Sub-title; Application and implementation of pyrolysis technologies from biomass
Co-sponsored by JBA
Expected presenters; Governments, manufacturing company, project organizer and researcher

JBA Events 2009

Japan Biochar Association

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Opening speech by Dr. Ogawa,
President of JBA

120 members gathered
from various field

Special speech by Hari Srinibas,
UNEP Osaka