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Thesis of INOUE Yoshiki(Ina Carbonization Laboratory Co., Ltd.)

Y.Inoue, I.Takeda, S.Okude, A.Yamada, S.Shimizu, T.Wakui,
Carbonization of rice(Oryza sativa), Japanese pampas grass(Miscanthus sinensis)and reed(Phragmites communis) by small scale kiln with inside heating carbonizationsystem,,the journal of Wood Carbonization Research, 5(1),11-20(2008).

Abstract: Properties of charcoal and pyroligneous liquor from rice (Oryza sativa), Japanese pampas grass (Miscanthus sinensis) and reed (Phragmites communis) carbonized by small scale kiln wtih inside heating carbonization system were investigated. The yield of charcoal from these material was 10-17% and that of pyroligneous liquor was 7-9%. These charcoals were soft and brittle. Ash contents of these charcoals were much higher than wood charcoal, and the pH was higher than 8. The maximum temperature of carbonized matter with this system was 400-600 degree celcius, then it was suggested that these charcoals have carbonyl, carboxyl groups, and aliphatic or aromatic unsaturated bond. The organic component of pyroligneous liquor from rice, Japanese pampas grass and reed were similar to that from wood.

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